Orange Grove Masonic Temple
(Orange, CA)

Orange Grove Lodge No. 293 was established in 1888. In April of 1922, the Lodge purchased the Campbell Opera House, which was constructed in 1912. The Lodge held its first meeting in the building on April 10, 1923, and the building was officially dedicated as the Orange Grove Masonic Temple on June 19, 1923. The Masonic Temple continues to host Orange Grove Lodge meetings.

Spectra Company was hired to restore the Masonic Temple’s façade. The brick and cast stone was cleaned, repaired and repointed. The wood windows, blade sign and wall mural were also restored.


  • Exterior Brick Restoration
  • Cast Stone Restoration
  • Wood Window Restoration
  • Sign Restoration
  • Mural Restoration

Design Team

Owner: Orange Grove Masonc Temple Association
Architect: Thirtieth Street Architects
Restoation Contractor: Spectra Company

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