baxter building – cal tech 
(Pasadena, CA)

The Baxter Building – Hall of Humanities and Social Sciences – is located on Cal. Tech’s campus in Pasadena, California. It was donated by Mrs. Baxter in honor of her late husband, Dr. Donald E. Baxter, a physician and humanitarian. Construction began in 1969, and the building was completed in 1971. The academic hall was designed by local architect, Robert Alexander (Palos Verdes High School, The Village Green, Estrada Courts). The structure is 62,500 square feet and is on a hexagonal plan. The hexagonal layout was intended to encourage collaboration and creativity. Hexagons are repeated in other features of the building, such as the shape of the floor tiles, light fixtures, and rooms. The building is a part of Cal Tech’s Court of Man, which is also comprised of the Beckman Auditorium to the north and the Beckman Laboratories of Behavioral Biology to the west.


Metal Restoration-Bronze Stairway Stringers, Balustrades & Chandelier

Design Team

Owner: California Technical Institute
General Contractor: Royal Oaks Renovation
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company
Original Architect: Robert Alexander

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