Bijou Theater
(Hermosa Beach, CA)

The Bijou Theater in Hermosa Beach originally opened as the Metropolitan Theater in 1923 and is one of the oldest buildings still standing in the city. The first movie shown was “Circus Days” starring Jackie Coogan. The building was the brain child of Ralph E. Matteson of the First Bank of Hermosa Beach who was inspired to create a structure that combined business and pleasure in response to the rise in affluence in Hermosa Beach. It was comprised of the theater, a bank, retail stores and upstairs office at a construction cost of $200,000 and was touted as the “last word in modern construction”.

After many ownership and name changes over the years, The Bijou Theater showed it last film in 1997. Since then, the theater floor was levelled and the building has seen use as an art gallery and retail stores.

Spectra Company was hired to recreate and restore the historic ornamental plaster features in this ornate building.


  • Ornamental Plaster Restoration
  • Anchoring

Design Team

Owner: Federal Realty
Original Architect: Richard D. King
Historic Architect: Historic Architect
Structural Engineer: Brad Young & Associates
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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