Blacktooth House – Pala Indian Tribe
(Pala, CA)

The Blacktooth House was built in 1903 by the Cupeno Indians. They had been forced to leave their village and move 40 miles to the Pala Reservation, after promises from the United States Government that they would have nice new homes upon their arrival. Unfortunately, what they found was empty lots and temporary tents. As a result, they had to wait until houses arrived by boat from New York. When the shipment arrived, the people had to assemble the pre fabricated walls and roofs to create the two room structures with no electricity or running water. This house is the last of many and represents the rich history of the Pala people and stands as a reminder of the original village.


Historic Wood Work Restoration
Structural Upgrades
Restoration Painting

Design Team

Owner: Pala Band of Mission Indians
Original Architect: Cupeno Indians
Historic Architect: JAG Architects
Structural Engineer: Insight Structural Engineers
General Contractor: Spectra Company

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