888 Brannan St. Building
(San Francisco, CA)

The 888 Brannan St. Building (formerly known as the Natural Carbon Building) was built in multiple phases starting in 1912 by Maurice Couchot. In 1937, the building was acquired by Blake, Moffit and Towne who used the facility for their paper distribution company. Then in 1982 it was converted into a wholesale mart and gift/jewelry showroom using Federal Historic Preservation Tax incentives. This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and California Register of Historical Resources.


Steel Window Restoration

Design Team

Owner: 888 Brannan LP
Original Architect: Maurice Couchot
Historic Architect: Gensler Architects
Structural Engineer: Murphy Burr Curry, Inc.
General Contractor:Richlen Construction

The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists