California’s First Theatre
(Monterey, CA)

Built using lumber salvaged from a shipwreck, California’s First Theatre was built in 1843 by English Sailor Jack Swan. In 1847 army officers convinced Swan to build a small stage on the property in which held melodramas from 1850 on. The First Theatre was also used as a tavern and lodging for whaling men. Upon Swans death in 1896 the theatre fell into disrepair but was bought by the California Historic Landmarks League in 1906 and later donated to the State of California.


Historic Masonry Fireplace Restoration

Design Team

Owner: California State Parks and Recreation
Original Architect: Jack Swan
Historic Architect: California State Parks and Recreation
Structural Engineer: Krakower & Associates Structural Engineers
General Contractor: Spectra Company


The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists