Crestmore Manor
(Riverside, CA)

Crestmore Manor in Riverside, California, was built in the mid 1950’s by W.W. “Tiny” Naylor, a restaurateur and the state’s second-leading thoroughbred breeder of the time. The 10,830 square-foot colonial-style mansion near Mt. Rubidoux reflected his wife’s desire for a home similar to those found in Kentucky horse country. However, the family never actually lived in the manor. Naylor suffered a stroke in 1955 and sold the ranch.
Currently owned by the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District, Crestmore Manor is now a popular wedding and event venue.


  • Consulting- Façade Survey/ Damage Assessment

Design Team

Owner: Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District
Original Architect: Herman O. Ruhnau
Architect: Jag Architect

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