Curb Appeal Tips for Victorian Homes

California has plenty of Victorian homes still standing today; unfortunately most of their owners do not realize how to properly structure their curb appeal. A Victorian home is flattering in itself, but to really make it pop, you have to focus on the yard just as much as the home. 

If you are not sure where to being with your curb appeal project, contact a professional that specializes in California historic preservation. Spectra Company can help you increase your curb appeal and still keep it within the parameters of the preservation society.  

Tips for Curb Appeal on Your Victorian Home

  1. Make sure your color scheme highlights the architectural details of the home. The reason Victorian homes are so beautiful is their architecture. It’s complicated, artistic and breathtaking. You should highlight that detail with the right mixture of paint colors – and pick paints that suit the era in which your Victorian home was constructed.
  2. Make sure carriage houses and garages are placed behind the home so that the home is the main focus when you arrive to the property.
  3. Add attractive, period-appropriate furniture to your Victorian home’s porch or front yard – making it feel more welcoming.
  4. When adding a screen door, stick to vintage, wooden doors instead of metal or glass doors. These not only add that vintage charm, but suit the period for the home.  

For more assistance with your restoration or preservation project, contact the team at Spectra Company today.

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