El Capitan
(Hollywood, CA)

Built in 1926, the El Capitan is one of three theatres (Egyptian and Chinese) that were developed by the “Father of Hollywood” – Charles Toberman, along with his associate Sid Grauman. Toberman dreamt of creating a thriving theatre district, and with the help of the architectural firm Morgan, Walls and Clements, his dreams became reality with the completion of the three theatres. The cast concrete Spanish Colonial fa├žade makes this national historic site “one of a kind”. Within the first 10 years of the theatre’s existence, 120 plays were produced, and to this day still occur on the historic stage. In addition to the live stage shows, the El Capitan is home to “Disney” world premiers and other special events that bring back the glamour to Hollywood Boulevard.


  • Survey of Cast Stone
  • Metal Windows
  • Decorative Paint Finishes
  • Metals
  • Plaster
  • Restoration Painting

Design Team

Owner: California Capital EC, LLC
Original Architect: G. Albert Lansburgh & Stiles O. Clements
Historic Architect: JAG Architects
Historic Consultant: John Fidler Preservation Technology, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Melvyn Green and Associates, Inc.
General Contractor: Spectra Company

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