Ford Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

The Pilgrimage Theatre was built in 1920 on land purchased by Author Christine Wetherill Stevenson and Chauncey D. Clark. The wooden outdoor amphitheater burned in 1929 and was replaced with the structure that stands today. The present theatre (1931) was constructed of poured concrete and was designed to resemble the gates of Jerusalem (ancient Judaic architecture). In 1976, the theatre was renamed John Anson Ford Theatre in honor of the late L.A. County Supervisor.

Spectra Company was hired to restore the historic concrete and painting.


  • Concrete Restoration
  • Paint Stripping
  • Restoration Painting


Design Team

Owner: Ford Theatre Foundation
Historic Architect: Levin & Associates 
Civil Engineer: Mollenhauer Group
Construction Manager: BRJ & Associates, LLC
General Contractor: Spectra Company
Waterproofing Consultant: Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.


Ford Theatre Website: The Ford has a History 

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