Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills
(Glendale, CA)

Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles is one of six cemeteries owned and operated by Forest Lawn in Southern California. The cemetery was opened in 1952 and is located in the Hollywood Hills and overlooks North Hollywood, Universal City, and Burbank.

The first Forest Lawn location, in Glendale, was established in 1906 by a group of California businessmen, including Dr. Hubert Eaton. Dr. Eaton is credited for much of the cemetery’s success. He established the “memorial park plan,” which eliminated upright grave markers and created a more park-like feel. Instead of being decorated with grave markers, Forest Lawn is marked with mature trees, lush grass, fountains, and statues. The “memorial park plan” is utilized at all of Forest Lawn’s locations.

Spectra Company restored the Courts of Remembrance, in Forest Lawn’s Los Angeles location. Restoration work included concrete repairs and waterproofing.


  • Concrete Restoration
  • Cast Stone Restoration
  • Stone Restoration
  • Ornamental Metal Restoration
  • Waterproofing

Design Team

Owner: Forest Lawn 
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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