Fred C. Nelles School
(Whittier, CA)

The Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility opened in 1891 as a juvenile reform school in Whittier, California. The school was the oldest of its kind operated by the California Youth Authority and was continuously operated until its closure in June 2004. Although established as a reform school for both girls and boys, the facility became exclusively a residence for boys in 1916. Originally known as “Whittier State School,” the facility was renamed in 1941 for Fred C. Nelles, superintendent from 1912 to 1927, who advocated humane methods in dealing with the young residents.

In 2011, the state made an agreement to sell the 73.8-acre property to Costa Mesa-based Brookfield Homes.


  • Consulting

Design Team

Owner: Brookfield Residential
Structural Engineer: Melvyn Green and Associates
ResorationContractor: Spectra Company

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