Gilmore Gas Station/Starbucks
(Hollywood, CA)

California architecture styles rapidly changed during the golden age of the automobile. Art Deco style gas stations arrived as a representation of modern, sleek, and industrial design. The Starbucks at 859 N. Highland Avenue was built in 1935 as a Red Lion gas station. The building features iconic details characteristic of Art Deco architecture including cantilevered canopies, glass panels, a flat roof, and geometric lines. By the late 20th century, many historic gas stations like this had been abandoned. It is only recently that their merit is being recognized and their potential for innovative re-use projects being envisioned.

Spectra was pleased to work with the design team to restore the gas station to its original glory. Along with repairing and restoring the copper roof, Spectra performed restoration work on the cantilevered metal canopies. The canopies were removed for structural re-framing, stored, reinstalled and repaired. The metal finishes were restored to their original condition. The building is now a lively location for Starbucks coffee and features a drive through for cars, a walk up window, and outdoor seating.


    • Copper Roof Restoration
    • Canopy Restoration
    • Metal Restoration
    • Painting

Design Team

Owner: Starbucks Coffee Company
Architect: Valerio, Inc. 
Preservation Consultant: Robert Chattel
Lead Engineer: P.E., Plump Engineering, Inc.  
General Contractor: KDC Construction
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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