Glenarm Powerplant
(Pasadena, CA)

The Glenarm Power Plant in Pasadena opened in 1927 and has been closed since 1980. During the 100th anniversary of Pasadena Water & Power in 2007, Pasadena Heritage nominated the Power Plant to be designated as a Historic Monument. The designation was approved on February 4, 2008. During this time Spectra Company restored the entire exterior and interior fa├žade of the Art Deco Style building.


  • Wood/Steel – Windows and Doors
  • Facade Restoration
  • Ornamental Concrete
  • Decorative Wall Tile Replication
  • Plaster Fabrication


  • Asbestos/Lead Remediation
  • Cornice Replacement
  • Skylight Restoration
  • Restoration Painting


Design Team

Owner: City of Pasadena
Historic Consultant: Historic Resources Group

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