Greystone Mansion
(Beverly Hills, CA)

The Greystone Mansion (also known as the Doheny Mansion) was built in 1928 by English born architect Gordon Kaufmann for the Doheny family. The mansion was used as a residence until 1955 when Midwest millionaire Col. Henry Crown purchased the property and rented it out to movie studios. Then, in 1965 the City of Beverly Hills purchased the property and converted the grounds into what we know today as the Historic Greystone Mansion and Park.


Removal, reinstallation and restoration of historic woodwork
Restoration and Fabrication of Bronze Grills
Historic Gypsum Plaster Repair s
HVAC Upgrades

Design Team

Owner: City of Beverly Hills
Original Architect: Gordon Kaufmann
Historic Architect: Kaplan Chen Kaplan
Consultant: Kaplan Chen Kaplan
Structural Engineer: Melvyn Green & Assoc Inc
General Contractor:BBS Construction

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