UCLA – Hershey Hall
(Los Angeles, CA)

In 1931 philanthropist Mira Hershey donated $300,000 to build the first women’s residence hall on the UCLA campus known as Hershey Hall. Her generosity marked the beginning of the University student housing program that by 1965 would include many of the other halls and residences that occupy the campus today.


  • Wood Doors
    Steel Windows
    Historic Hardware
    Interior Plaster
  • Gutters/Downspouts
    Concrete Paver Restoration/Replication
    Historic Balcony Replication



Design Team

Owner: University of California Los Angeles
Architect: Stenfors Associates Architects
Historic Architect: KCK Architects
Structural Engineer: Englekirk Partners Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc.
General Contractor: Icon West Construction

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