John Hetebrink House
(Fullerton, CA)

The house was built for John Hetebrink, a son of Henry Hetebrink who was one of the early settlers to the area. (The Hetebrink family is associated with two other significant properties, both of which are situated on what is is now the campus of C.S.U. Fullerton.)
John Hetebrink became a successful farmer who made his own fortune in the tomato, walnut and citrus industries. This residence was once part of a 40-acre ranch north of Chapman Avenue where walnut and orange trees were propagated. The Hetebrinks were involved with many community activities, and the residence was often the site of meetings, events and parties.


Sealants / Caulking
Ornamental Woodwork
Decorative Painting
Plaster Restoration
Hardwood Floor Restoration


Design Team

Owner: John Hetebrink
General Contractor:Spectra Company

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