Historic Restoration of Storefronts

A storefront is one of the most important architectural features of a business. It plays a critical role in not only the company’s advertising – and first impression – but it can make up the historic community. Most historic storefronts are located on main roads that have been around for decades. To restore these beautiful works of art and improve the area as a whole, you need to employ a professional. 

Factors for Historic Renovations of Storefronts

Before the work can begin, there are three main factors that must be considered: 

  1. If the original storefront has survived or in intact but just needs a few repairs.
  2. If the storefront has been modernized over the years and therefore, needs more alterations.
  3. If the building’s original use has changed – such as going from a retail location to a restaurant. This will require renovations to the front to accommodate the different type of business as well as renovations to the interior. 

Tips for Historic Restoration

To restore a storefront and make it look as natural as possible, experts must: 

Spectra Company specializes in historic restoration. We can help you recover a storefront and make it work for today’s business without compromising the integrity of the past. Call us today to learn more about our restoration services or for a no obligation estimate on your historic restoration project.
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