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Historic buildings throughout the Southwest can be preserved by a qualified, capable contractor specializing in historic preservation. That contractor is Spectra Company.

Based in Southern California, Spectra Company has helped to preserve and protect some of the most well-known historic buildings and landmark sites in the Los Angeles area. As historic preservation contractors, we at the Spectra Company are eager to expand their services to Arizona and Nevada, in an effort to identify, recognize, preserve and protect prehistoric and historic structures and sites throughout the western United States. For more information, please read on.

Understanding the Preservation of Southwestern Buildings

Can a California-based contractor understand the unique requirements of your project? Absolutely. Nevada and Arizona historic preservation projects are not entirely unlike those we have performed elsewhere. The same Spanish and Native American influences that are so brilliantly displayed throughout Arizona and Nevada abound in the Los Angeles area as well; in fact, they are featured on many of the projects in our portfolio. We even feature a historic Catalina Island casino in our impressive collection of completed projects. If your group is tasked with preserving or renovating a historic casino property, we are well equipped to do the job.

No matter the nature of the property, our Arizona and Nevada historic preservation professionals can seamlessly transplant their skills, experiences and collective expertise to your Southwestern site. From desert landmarks to mountain institutions, you can trust Spectra Company to renovate, restore or preserve the buildings your group is charged with maintaining.

Respecting Each Building’s Character

Because we assign a knowledgeable historic preservation consultant to each project, your group can be assured that the history of your site will be thoroughly researched before the project commences. Moreover, the original character of each feature on a building is reflected in the final product.

Our historic preservation consultants are particularly proud of this aspect of their services. Nevada and Arizona historic preservation is an area of interest among our team of consultants, and they are highly committed to carrying out the client’s vision for the preservation of its property.

Request a Consultation with our Historic Preservation Contractors

When your organization is ready to begin the project, contact Spectra Company to request an onsite consultation. Our knowledgeable consultants will be glad to meet with the key members of your team to discuss the specific requirements of the project, including timelines and budget. We can be reached at (800) 375-1771; if you have project-related documents, they may be faxed to (800) 575-6862 so that we may review them in advance. We also welcome you to submit the details of your project to info@spectracompany.com. No matter how you choose to contact us, we assure you that all Arizona and Nevada historic preservation inquiries will be addressed promptly.

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