Hollywood Heritage Museum
(Hollywood, CA)

The Hollywood Heritage Museum on Highland Ave. in Hollywood, California, is housed in the restored Lasky-DeMille Barn. Originally located the southeast corner of Selma and Vine, the barn was built in around 1895 by citrus rancher Robert Northam to house horses, carriages, hay, and other farm supplies. Northam sold the barn to Jacob Stern in 1904. L. L. Burns, founder of Western Costume Company, and Harry Revier purchased the barn in March 1913 and rented it as a film location. In December of 1913, Cecil B. DeMille, in association with Jesse Lasky, leased the Burns and Revier Studio and Laboratory for $250 a month to begin production of The Squaw Man (1914), the first feature film to be produced in the Hollywood area.

In 1926, the barn was moved to Paramount Studios at its new site on Melrose Avenue where it was used successively as a film set, research library, conference area and the Paramount gymnasium. The Lasky-DeMille Barn was dedicated as “Hollywood’s First Major Film Company Studio” on December 27, 1956. The barn was moved off the Paramount lot to a vacant lot in Hollywood in October 1979. It was acquired by Hollywood Heritage, Inc., in February 1983 and moved to its present site at the southern end of the parking lot of the Hollywood Bowl. Currently housing the Hollywood Heritage Museum, the Lasky-DeMille barn was recognized as a California State Landmark in 1955 and listed on the National Register in 2013.

Hollywood Heritage, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Marian Gibbons, Christy McAvoy, Frances Offenhauser, Susan Peterson St. Francis and Mildren Heredeen, with Supervisor John Anson Ford as Chairman of the Board. The organization is Hollywood’s historic preservation organization. Its mission is to preserve Hollywood’s historic built environment through its stewardship of the museum, educational programs about early film history and its pioneers, and the history of the Hollywood community. The organization does not fund preservation or maintenance of resources other than the museumitself, but encourage others to do so.


  • Shoring and Stabilization
  • Deck Fabrication

Design Team

Owner: Hollywood Heritage, Inc.
Architect: Offenhauser/ Mekeel
Structural Engineer: Melvyn Green & Associates, Inc.
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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