Infamous Train Depots That Have Turned into Restaurants

We have discussed in previous posts repurposing old historic properties. From using barns to repurposing abandoned fire houses, there are plenty of ways to breathe life into otherwise abandoned properties. But, one of the best innovations yet is how some companies have turned old train depots into restaurants. 

Bavarian Chef, Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, VA is known for their train depots and railroads. In fact, railways were an integral component of this state’s history. The city blossomed with travel and was one of the central travel points for those coming to the south. With so many train depots and the decline of train travel, there were plenty sitting vacant and ripe for the picking. 

The Bavarian Chef turned one of those abandoned train depots into a German restaurant with delightful cuisine and amazing curb appeal. 

D&R Depot Restaurant, Le Roy

In Le Roy, NY you will find the D&R Depot Restaurant. This former depot was originally built in 1901. Historical renovation contractors turned it into the D&R Depot Restaurant in 1991 and it has been booming ever since. 

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel

Instead of just making a restaurant, this train depot became a world-famous restaurant and hotel. It features three unique eateries and the overall project cost $4 million to renovate and restore. It was originally opened in 1973 and has been a historical fixture ever since. 

The team at Spectra Company is here to help you with your historical renovation project or even transform an abandoned building into something new. Repurposing old buildings boosts our economy and most importantly, preserves a piece of our state’s history.
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