Irvine Historical Museum
(Irvine, CA)

Once one of the largest private ranches in the United States, the Irvine Historical Museum is the oldest standing structure within the original boundaries of the Irvine Ranch. The original house was commissioned by James Irvine I as a suitable place for him to stay when he visited the ranch to conduct business. Built in 1868 for a cost of $1,300, the main house included a kitchen, dining room, parlor, four bedrooms, and a wrap-around porch. Known as the San Joaquin Ranch house, it was the first wooden house to be erected between Anaheim and San Diego.

Although the main house was torn down in 1971 during the grading of the nearby golf course, the cooking wing for the ranch cattle and sheep camp is now the Museum and headquarters of the Irvine Historical Society.


  • Foundation Waterproofing

Design Team

Owner: Irvine Historical Society
Resoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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