Lead Paint and Your Historic Home

Lead based paints were banned by the EPA, but if a home was constructed before 1978, it most likely contains lead-based paints. Historic properties throughout the state are riddled with lead-based paints. While their presence on the walls is not immediately alarming, if that paint is peeling it can become a safety hazard.

Lead-Based Paint and Historic Preservation

Before starting work on a historic property, you will need to test for lead-based paint. There are testing kits available at home improvement stores that will detect trace levels of lead. If you do have a positive test, contact a professional that specializes in lead paint removal. While you can remove it yourself, you will need to follow decontamination procedures to safely remove the lead paint – including closing off the area with plastic sheeting, stopping all ventilation, etc.

Spectra Company Can Help

Spectra Company offers abatement for historic preservation projects. Whether you need to remove lead-based paint or mold inside your historic property, we can help. As licensed contractors and abatement teams, we can safely close off the property and remove all traces of lead-based paint from the interior. We can also assist you with the restoration process – so that you can repaint with a non-lead paint and still preserve your historic home’s architectural beauty. Call us today to learn more.

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