Lincoln Park Gateway
(Lincoln Heights, CA)

The Lincoln Park Gateway welcomes visitors to one of the oldest parks in Los Angeles. Completed in 1933, the gateway was funded by municipal bonds intended to improve parks throughout the City and create jobs during the Great Depression. The gateway’s design typifies the Art Deco style of the period with curving walls, vertical pillars, and colored tile zigzag motifs. Suffering from long-term deferred maintenance and vandalism, the gateway’s repair was made possible by community members and leaders who worked for more than a decade to raise the necessary funds. Spectra Company’s work consisted of the restoration of the historic drinking fountain basin.


Drinking Fountain Restoration

Design Team

Owner: City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
Architect: City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering
Historic Architect: ICF International
Historic Consultant: ICF International
General Contractor: Spectra Company

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