(Hollywood, ca)

Formerly known as the “Hollywood Western Building,” the Louis B. Mayer Building was designed by S. Charles Lee and built by Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg. Located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and opened in December of 1928, the four-story Art Deco office served as the first location of Motion Picture Association of America, Central Casting, the Hays Office, and The Ben Hecht Company. The Louis B. Mayer Building was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in January of 1988. Heavily damaged during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the Mayer Building remained vacant for several years. The building was recently renovated and is available for lease


  • Masonry Cleaning
  • Brick Restoration
  • Cement Plaster Restoration
  • Window Recoating
  • Ornamental Plaster Restoration
  • Metal Restoration- Fire Escapes
Waterproofing Coating             Protective Coating – Anti-Graffiti Coating

Design Team

Owner: ABS Mayer Bricker, LLC 
Original Architect: S. Charles Lee 
Architect: Asbuilt, LLC
Tenant/ Builder: Kollaborative, LLC

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