Marina Del Ray Seawall
(Marina Del Ray, CA)

The Marina Del Rey Seawall was built as a means of reclaiming a low lying swamp area as a harbor for recreational boats. Constructed during the late 1950s and early 1960s, the 7.5 mile long concrete Seawall is built of 728 individual cantilever retaining wall sections.  It is the largest small craft harbor in the U.S. The Seawall has undergone several major repairs and seismic upgrades due to the Chloride-induced corrosion of its reinforcing steel and subsequent concrete deterioration.  



  • Concrete
  • Crack and Tie Rod End Repair

Design Team

Owner: County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works 
Structural Engineer: Halcrow
General Contractor: New Creation Engineering & Builders, Inc. 

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