Spectra Company

Our Mission

To enhance the lives and projects of our people and our clients.

Our Vision

Building a bigger business by BUILDING BIG PEOPLE.

Leadership Charter

We, the executive leaders of Spectra Company, based on our value and appreciation for our employees and clients, and our vision for BUILDING BIG PEOPLE, make the following commitments to the Spectra team:We commit to provide a safe and secure environment in which each person is respected. We believe such an environment is essential to fostering trust, collaboration and creative thinking. We commit to enhancing a professional workplace by providing training and education, and the opportunity to be challenged, appreciated, responsible, and part of something meaningful. We commit to providing a fun, encouraging, and value-driven work place. The lives of our people and their families matter to us. While we expect that our work will be challenging, we will strive to provide a work place that rewards that effort and enhances the personal lives of our people.

Preservation Mission

Historic structures enhance our lives by establishing a sense of personal history, while defining the character of our individual communities. Our goal is to revitalize and preserve our heritage for generations to come. Spectra Company is committed to preservation as a viable path to sustainability, and utilizes environmentally safe products in all its preservation practices.

Below is the sad story of the demolition of one the most beautiful homes on the West Coast of California, The Marion Davies House. The house was built by William Randolph Hearst for his girlfriend Marion Davies. As a preservationist, I hope to never see such a masterpiece destroyed again. If this home were still standing, it would surely be the “Hearst Castle” of the south! Spectra Company’s Preservation Mission is to prevent the destruction of any further landmarks. — To Protect, Preserve and Restore!

The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists