Muckenthaler Cultural Center
(Fullerton, CA)

The Muckenthaler home was built in 1924 by Walter and Adella Muckenthaler. The home was donated to the City of Fullerton in 1965 by the Muckenthalers’ son, Harold. It was his wish that his childhood home be turned into a cultural center. His wish became reality, when in 1999, the Muckenthaler Cultural Center received designation by the National Register of Historic Places. In 2007, Spectra Company was contracted by the City of Fullerton to restore portions of the front fa├žade and the entrance lobby rotunda.


  • Facade Restoration
  • Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration
  • Steel Window Repair
  • Gold Leaf – Gilding
  • Faux Finish
  • Glazing Replacement
  • Ornamental Concrete Repair
  • Sculpting
  • Cleaning /Sealing
  • Caulking/Sealant
  • Mortar/Grout

Design Team

Owner: City of Fullerton
Original Architect: Walter and Adella Muckenthaler
General Contractor: Spectra Company

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