Old San Diego Gas & Electric
(San Diego, CA)

The residential tower, now known as Electra, represents not only the tallest such structure in San Diego, but a prime example of incorporating a historic structure into the design of a new development.

The site originally housed two buildings constructed by John Spreckles in 1911. The buildings contained the boilers and turbines for what was then the new San Diego Electrical Railway Co and a 43-story building, which now comprises 248 residences above three floors of underground parking.

“The unusual building process that has gone into preserving the site’s history will truly make this high-rise a landmark in design excellence,” said Nat Bosa, CEO and founder of the development company.


  • Ornamental Concrete Repair
  • Window Restoration
  • Tile and Restoration
  • Sealants & Caulking
  • Elastomeric Waterproof Coating
  • Spall/Crack Repair

Design Team

Owner: Bosa Development
Original Architect: John Spreckles
Historic Architect: Heritage Architechure
General Contractor: Bosa Development

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