Southwest Museum
(Los Angeles, CA)

The Southwest Museum of the American Indian, located in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles, California is a museum and library, and more specifically an archive designated as a part of the Autry National Center. The museum collections are predominately American Indian, although there is an extensive collection of pre-Hispanic, Latino, and Western American art and artifacts.

Charles Fletcher Lummis was an anthropologist, historian, journalist, and photographer who was the leading force in establishing the Museum. After creating the Southwest Society, which was the western branch of the Archaeological Institute of America, he was able to gain support of city leaders to open the doors of the museum. With the financial support of attorney Joseph Scott, the Southwest Museum opened its doors in 1907. The 1907 location was in Downtown Los Angeles, but in 1914, was moved to its current location in Mt. Washington in 1914. The 1914 building was designed by architects Sumner P. Hunt and Silas Reese Burns.


Exterior Historic Plaster Restoration

Design Team

Owner: Autry National Center
Original Architect: Sumner P. Hunt and Silas Reese Burns
Historic Architect: Drisko Studios
Consultant: SGH
Structural Engineer: Englekirk and Sabal
General Contractor: Spectra Company

The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists