Sunset Bronson Studios
(Los Angeles, CA)

Located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Sunset Bronson Studios, formally the Old Warner Brothers Studio, is a motion picture, radio and television production facility. The first talking feature film, The Jazz Singer, was filmed at the studio in 1927.

When Warner closed the studio in 1937, the original building (built in 1919) was converted to a bowling alley and sports center. The studio lot was divided between KTLA television and Paramount Pictures in the mid 1950’s. Gene Autry (KTLA Studios) bought the entire lot in 1963 for as the new home of KTLA Television: Golden West Broadcasters. In 1984, Tribune Company (Tribune Studios) purchased the studio. The lot was renamed Sunset Bronson Studios after it was purchased by Hudson Capital in 2008.

In 1925, two radio towers were installed on the site for Warner Bros.’ affiliate radio station, KFWB (one of the towers was dismantled in 1950). The iconic KTLA-5 letters were added to the remaining tower when KTLA moved in to the site in 1955. Visible from the Hollywood Freeway, the 160-foot tower was a notable landmark for over 60 years. Although the tower was dismantled in December 2014 to make way for construction of an office building, it will be relocated to its original location following structural retrofitting and renovation.

One of the oldest continuously operating studios, Sunset Bronson was designated as a Historic Cultural Landmark in 1977 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.


  • Demolition
  • Facade Restoration/Reconstruction
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Foundation and Footings
  • Dormer Window Restoration and Recreation

Design Team

Owner: Sunset Bronson Entertainment Properties, LLC
Architect: Gensler
Historic Consultant: Historic Resources Group
Structural Engineer: Structural Focus
General Contractor:Spectra Company

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