The Four Approaches to Treating a Historic Building

When a historic property is found (or acquired), there are four approaches the owner or city can take with that property. These include: 

Deciding which approach is best comes down to a few factors, including: 

If you have acquired a historical property, you may want to perform a historical restoration or preservation, but you will need to consult an expert as well as the local historical society to see what approach is best for your building. If there are any mandated code requirements for the area, you may need to work those code requirements into your restoration project – which can be tricky in historic buildings. 

The team at Spectra Company can help you decide which approach is best for your property. We have experience in historical restoration, preservation, reconstruction and rehabilitation. We have helped countless property owners restore and rehab their historical properties to their original beauty (if not better). We have experience working with local preservation societies and can assist you with your project. Call us now to get started.

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