Turning Churches Into Restaurants – a Growing Adaptive Use Trend

More old San Francisco churches are getting a second chance as life, but not as places of worship; instead, these buildings are being restored and preserved to help accommodate some of the hottest new restaurants in the city. All it takes is just one restaurant to form for the rest to follow suit – and it is the perfect opportunity for abandoned historic buildings to find new use. 

Every Cuisine Can Apply

Churches are breathtaking, have great structure and they can fit just about any cuisine. From fine Italian dining to romantic French cuisine to a fun, authentic Mexican restaurant – there are limited possibilities. Most churches already have the setup to accommodate a restaurant – and some may even have kitchen space. While it obviously will need a little restructuring to make it work and bring it up to code, restaurateurs are surprised at how little it costs to retrofit these historic buildings and breathe new life into them. 

It Takes a San Francisco Historic Preservation Expert to Pull It Off

To retrofit these types of buildings, contact a San Francisco historic preservation expert. The team at Spectra Company can help you with your adaptive use project – whether it is turning a church into a restaurant or creating a firehouse eatery, we are here to help.

The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists