Venice High School
(Los Angeles, Ca )

Venice High School, originally named Venice Union Polytechnic, opened in 1911 to 52 students. Student enrollment continued to grow in the following years, and in 1913 the school bought 29 acres of adjacent land to accommodate their growing class. In 1925 Venice Union Polytechnic was incorporated into the Los Angeles Unified School District and renamed Venice High School.

The Venice High School campus has undergone two major changes. The first occurred in 1914 as a result of a campus fire. The original 1911 section of the school was severely damaged and replaced by new brick structures. In 1933, the school was once again damaged as a result of the Long Beach earthquake. The new school was reconstructed and designed in the Art Deco style. Reconstruction was completed in 1935 and was memorialized by the grand opening of the school’s auditorium.

The school has been featured in a number of movies including A Nightmare on Elm Street, American History X, Matchstick Men, Heathers, and Grease. Notable alumni include actor Beau Bridges, Apollo 7 pilot Walter Cunningham and In-N-Out Burger founder Harry Snyder.

Spectra Company was hired as an architectural consultant to inspect damage to the decorative plaster ornamentation and ceiling in the school’s auditorium and provide recommendation for stabilization and restoration.


  • Decorative Plaster Inspection/Survey
  • Decorative Plaster Restoration

Design Team

Owner: Los Angeles Unified School District
Historic Preservation Consultant: ESA Associates
Preservation Architect: Spectra Company
Preservation Contractor: Spectra Company

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