Weddington House
(north Hollywood, CA)

The Weddington House has been referred to as the “Mother House” of North Hollywood. Threatened for many years with demolition, the house is now being moved and rehabilitated.

Before North Hollywood became what we know it as today, it was an agricultural and ranching area developed by Issac B. Lankershim. The area itself was named “Lankershim” after Issac. During the early 20th century, many important families were investing and developing in Lankershim, the Weddington Family included.

The Weddington House was built c. 1900-1910 amidst the housing development boom that was sparked by the completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913. In 1925, the house was moved a couple of blocks. Research completed by Page & Turnbull determined that the house could have been originally located at the corner of Lankershim Boulevard and Weddington Street. The house has been relocated a second time to find its new home as a community center for a new multi-family development in North Hollywood.

The Weddington House is a shining example of early 20th century single family housing in North Hollywood. Spectra Company’s work includes preparing the foundation for its relocation, restoring the main porch entry, complete exterior restoration including door and window restoration and rehabilitating interior finishes, woodwork and cabinetry.


  • Building Relocation
  • Window Restoration
  • Door Restoration
  • Architectural Woodwork Restoration
  • Cabinetry Restoration
  • Painting Restoration

Design Team

Owner: Greystar Real Estate Partners
Historic Architect: Page & Turnbull
Structural Engineer: Krakower & Associates
General Contractor: Greystar Construction
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company

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