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Spectra Company is one of the few companies specializing in historical restoration services in the state of California. Historic buildings throughout the state have been restored by the hands of our expert contractors, painters, masonry experts and waterproofing specialists. Since 1985, we have been major contributors toward the goal of protecting and preserving some of the most cherished architectural, historic and cultural landmarks on the entire West Coast.

Our Building Restoration Services

Far from “average contractors,” the construction and restoration specialists of Spectra Company can offer diverse expertise, strong technical knowledge, and expert consultation to any historic building restoration project. Some of the key services we are equipped to provide include:

  • General contractor project tasks
  • Masonry
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Lathing and Plastering
  • Roofing and Waterproofing
  • Tile, both Ceramic and Mosaic

Our company holds general contractor licenses for each of these classifications in both California and Nevada.

Artistic and Decorative Painting Services for Historic Buildings

One of the most highly requested services of historical restoration contractors is artistic decorative painting. At Spectra Company, this service is available for any project. Whether the surface is an interior wall, a ceiling, a floor or an exterior, some of the techniques we can expertly provide include:

Gilding -
Wood and plaster accents that require gilding can receive metallic leaf treatment, including gold leaf or silver leaf. Their original, opulent appearance can be restored with our professional gilding services.
Aging -
With a carefully chosen color wash, newly restored walls can be aged to appear nearly identical to the original. After we restore your walls, we can apply a re-creation of the original color, or a new color of your choice.
Faux bois -
Materials such as concrete, mortar and grout can be treated to adopt a wood and wood grained appearance.
Stone finishes -
Concrete surfaces can be made to look like polished, satin, or honed stone surfaces.
Ornamental finishes -
Concrete and plaster accents that have worn with time can be restored to retain or regain their original, ornamental appearance.
Trompe L’ Oeil -
Paintings and architectural elements can be made to appear three dimensional.

Whatever the needs of the project, our historical restoration team can work together to make it happen. Some of our most accomplished sites include:

  • The Pantages Theater, Hollywood
  • Villa Riviera, Long Beach
  • Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House, Hollywood
  • The Hollywood Palladium
  • Village Fox Theater, Westwood

Contact us to Discuss Your Historic Restoration Project

Spectra Company welcomes inquiries from civic, government, and private parties with identified restoration needs. If you are qualified to discuss the objectives of a specific restoration project, please contact us to request an onsite consultation. We will be glad to analyze the condition of all applicable areas of the building, and provide your organization with a timely estimate for our services. We can be reached by phone at (800) 375-1771; feel free to fax any relevant documents to (800) 575-6862. We can also be reached by email at info@spectracompany.com.

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