A successful preservation project is about protecting both the historic resources and the people performing the restoration. Spectra’s preservation artisans take the same level of pride and care in safety as they do in the craftsmanship of their work.

“At Spectra Company, safety is a top priority and the responsibility of all employees who share a common goal of zero accidents and zero injuries,” says Jeff Vandegoorberg, Safety Manager, Spectra Company. All levels of management are responsible for providing the resources necessary to maintain a safe job site environment, establishing safety policy, and ensuring adherence to the policies. Spectra’s stringent safety policies and ongoing safety training programs go beyond CAL OSHA and client expectations, and have been commended by Spectra’s insurer as a low safety risk.

“I have been Spectra Company’s insurance broker for all of their liability, Auto, property, and work comp exposures for over a decade. Having worked with over 500 various size specialty contractors over my 31 years in business, I can say with experience that Spectra Company has one of the most successful loss control and claims management programs of any company their size. Spectra Company’s EMR rating has also always been well below the average of similar companies.”   Steve Williams, Heffernan Insurance Brokers