Facade Rehabilitation

The most visible feature of a historic building (and often what most defines its character) is its FAÇADE. A beautifully restored building articulates a sense of pride within the community. Façade rehabilitation is one of the most rewarding aspects of a historic preservation project, because the entire public can experience it.

Due to years of deterioration or design deficiency, façade rehabilitation may require structural improvements, including: replacement or treatment of rusted ferrous metal (iron-jacking) with new, non-corrosive anchoring or fastening systems; repairing cracked or spalling materials with in-kind materials; or replacement of damaged, heavy ornamentation with lighter GFRC or FRP elements.

Spectra Company has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of historic façades made from a variety of materials, including: masonry, stone, terra-cotta, adobe, plaster, metal, decorative cast stone, and all styles of doors and windows. Spectra’s façade services include: cleaning, materials restoration, door and window restoration, decorative ornament fabrication, and restoration of previously-altered or damaged elements. Along with these services, Spectra is lead-certified and a glazing contractor, making them a one-stop restoration expert for all historic façade restorations.


Materials Restoration


Decorative Figure Repair & Replication

Wood Doors & Windows

Steel Doors & Windows

Molds & Casting

Decorative Painting

Design-Build Restoration


Seismic Retrofit

Helifix Pinning & Anchoring

Concrete Restoration

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Brick Repair & Repointing

Metal Repair & Replication

Plaster Restoration

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