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The historic renovation of buildings, landmark sites and their key features is a service that should not be provided by just any general contractor. Any organization that is charged with renovating a historic structure or site needs a qualified, specialized historical renovation contractor to do the job. That’s where Spectra Company comes in.

Spectra Company is a historic renovation contractor that has restored, preserved and renovated historic buildings and sites throughout the West Coast. Based in Southern California, the company has performed valuable restoration services such as masonry, painting, plastering, metal work and artisan tile placement on some of the most prominent institutions and well-known historic buildings in Los Angeles, San Diego and more.

Fortunately, these services are also available to groups throughout the western United States. If your organization is interested in meeting with a capable contractor that understands the sensitive issues surrounding the renovation of a historical building, Spectra Company can send a historic renovation consultant to the site to discuss the project and answer the important questions of your stakeholders. Our professional consultants are highly qualified to meet with all those concerned and answer their questions.

Custom Historical Renovation Services for Buildings and Landmarks

It may seem like historic renovation is a cut-and-dry service, with little room for customization options. Fortunately, that is not the case at all! Spectra Company can perform all our services in a way that honors the original appearance of the structure, and even upgrade aspects of a building to meet 21st century standards without compromising the historical quality of the original features.

For example, we make it possible to implement a sustainable, green system to the roof of a century-old building. We also make it possible to retain the appearance of the original brick or stone facade of a building with new, strong, yet aged-looking stone and brick veneer. We even make it possible to graffiti-proof a building, so that those who would do it harm will not succeed in compromising its value, honor and character. And those are only a few of the custom renovation services we make available.

These are services that are not necessarily provided by an everyday contractor. They are only available from a truly specialized historical renovation contractor like Spectra Company.

Contact us to Schedule a Historic Renovation Consultation at Your Site

If your public or private group is ready to commence a project that will protect and enhance the structures and sites it operates for decades to come, contact Spectra Company today. Our historical renovation contractor team will be glad to meet with your board to discuss the scope of the project. An onsite consultation at the location is recommended as part of this meeting.

Our office can be reached at (800) 375-1771; if you have project-related documents, they may be faxed to (800) 575-6862 for our review. To reach us by email, please submit the details of your project to info@spectracompany.com; we will ensure that a knowledgeable representative will contact you shortly.

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