Bow Wave Fountain
(SAn Diego, CA)

The Bow Wave Fountain is located at the center of San Diego’s Civic Complex and serves as a symbol of the city’s strong relationship with the sea. Installed in 1972, the fountain was designed by acclaimed sculptor Malcom Leland, who also designed the concrete frieze on the neighboring Community Concourse building. The copper clad sculpture is meant to resemble a ship cutting through the ocean.

Spectra Company partnered with Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC to restore the landmark fountain. The sculpture was refinished and sealed, and the tile at the fountain base was restored.


  • Refinishing and Sealing of Sculpture
  • Tile Restoration at Fountain Base

Design Team

Owner: City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture
Conservator: Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company 

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