Beverly Hills City Hall

The Spanish Revival/Churrigueresque style City Hall was built in 1932 by the design firm, Koerner and Gage. This building has played a major role in the development of the city that we know today as Beverly Hills — a noteworthy piece of the historic landscape of this grand City. Prior to its construction, city administrative services took place in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Beverly Hills is often associated with neighboring Hollywood and its “rich and famous” inhabitants. Beverly Hills City Hall has been the backdrop for numerous movies and televisions shows. The building appeared in the movies In a Lonely Place and Beverly Hills Cop.  In addition, the 1930’s famous movie actor, humorist, and cowboy Will Rogers was the honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills and played a major role in fostering the construction of the building.

Spectra was a part of a large-scale renovation project completed in 2008, providing materials restoration services on the exterior façade and rehabilitation of several fountains.

Scope of Work

Concrete Repair • Decorative Concrete • Decorative Metal • Decorative Paintings & Murals • Facade Rehabilitation • Fountains • Materials Restoration • Self-Perform • Terra-Cotta

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