Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building exists as the oldest standing commercial building in central Los Angeles having been completed in 1893. The building was the vision of Lewis Bradbury, its gold-mining owner, who became a developer later in his life. It is debated as to whom should be credited as the original architect – Bradbury first hired architect Sumner P. Hunt, but he was later replaced by George H. Wyman whom he thought better understood his grand vision. However, it is unclear how much Hunt’s original design was changed. Regardless, the outcome of the project resulted in a grand Romanesque building that is a very much beloved landmark of downtown Los Angeles.

Although the exterior features key Romanesque designs such as carved sandstone, repetitively arched windows on the top floor, and a decorative cornice – the interior is where the building truly shines. The central court is flooding with natural light hitting the delicately designed iron railings, cage elevators, and marble stairs. The building has also been a very popular location for filming and can be found in scenes of the 1982 Bladerunner and the 1974 Chinatown.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of the few office buildings in Los Angeles to also be a National Historic Landmark.  It is the City’s oldest landmarked building, being designated as a landmark by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission. Spectra was hired by the property owner in 2016 to complete sandstone and marble restoration, cleaning and sealing, spall and crack repair, grouting and mortars, and masonry restoration.

Scope of Work

Brick • Decorative Concrete • Facade Rehabilitation • Masonry • Materials Restoration • Restoration Painting & Coatings • Self-Perform • Stone • Waterproofing/Roofing

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