Urth Caffe
(Orange, CA)

The Urth Caffe, located at 100 W. Chapman Avenue, will be its largest location. Currently a historic two story commercial building, it was originally built in approximately 1888 as a one story building before it underwent major reconstruction when it was expanded and an additional floor added in 1905. The commercial structure is located in the City of Orange’s Historic District and is in close proximity to Chapman College, City Hall and Orange’s Train Depot.

Spectra Company is restoring the entire building including reconstructing the original exterior façade and incorporating a structural retrofit, new electrical, mechanical and plumbing building systems and new roof.


General Contractor
Exterior Historic Masonry Facade Restoration
Exterior Ornamental Metal Restoration
Wood Window and Door Restortation/Fabrication
New Storefront Fabrication and Installation
Roof Sign Fabrication and Installation
Roof Replacement
Structural Upgrades

Design Team

Owner: Urth Caffe
General Contractor: Spectra Company
Restoration Contractor: Spectra Company
Architect: S.F. Jones Architects
Structural Engineer: Grimm & Chen Structural Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical and Plumbing Engineer: Zero and Associates
Electrical Engineer: OMG Electrical Engineers

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