Gamble House

Often described as “America’s Arts and Crafts masterpiece”, the Gamble House stands today as one of the most famous and beloved historic houses in America. David and Mary Gamble commissioned the house to be built in 1908 by architects Charles and Henry Greene. The Greene brothers presented a breakthrough in American architectural design-featuring Japanese woodwork and inspiration drawn from nature. The house features wide terraces, sleeping porches, and large overhanging eaves. The home underwent a complete exterior rehabilitation that was overseen by an experienced team of historic architects, consultants and conservators. Some of the finest examples of architectural woodwork exists at the Gamble House. The Spectra team on this restoration project consisted of expert artisans who worked to restore, replicate and refinish the most intricate of architectural woodwork.

Scope of Work

Architectural Woodwork • Conservation • Materials Restoration • Selective Demolition/Abatement • Self-Perform • Waterproofing/Roofing • Wood Doors • Wood Windows

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