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Have you been tasked with heading up a major restoration on a historic family home, private estate or community landmark? Trust Spectra Company to perform the work involved. We are a group of licensed historic restoration contractors and consultants, with a broad range of experiences restoring historic properties throughout the West Coast. In fact, we have been recognized as a prime specialty contractor in the region for our historic building specialty.

Who has trusted their historic restoration projects to Spectra Company? Some of our high profile clients include:

  • The Pantages Theater
  • The Biltmore Hotel
  • Bob Hope Patriotic Hall
  • Wilshire Theater
  • Villa Riviera, Long Beach
  • The Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House

And truthfully, that represents a small portion of our impressive portfolio; please visit our Projects page to see more Los Angeles and San Francisco historic preservation projects. Also, please note that we offer the same masonry, painting, metal, plaster, tile, roofing and waterproofing services to private estate homes as well. Read on for more information.

Historic Restoration Services for Private Homes

We have restored aspects of some of the most famous commercial and civic buildings in California, but our services are not limited to large public buildings. Our top notch team is also fully capable of adding a historic appearance to a newly constructed estate home, or of preserving the aged features of a historic home so that it can be enjoyed by the family that owns it for generations to come. As a historic restoration consultant group, we tell clients what is in our scope of ability so that they have a clear expectation of the outcome. Typically, their expectations are delightfully exceeded.

We see this not only as a building preservation service, but as a family preservation service as well. When a property that has been passed down through the generations is restored, it revitalizes the spirit of everyone who is involved. Families can revisit the bonds of their common heritage every time they gather at the home – and that is a wonderful thing.

A Historical Restoration Contractor for Public Buildings

As for public buildings, we are proud to have participated in the renovations of many community landmarks. From century-old libraries, to long-standing banking institutions, to historic community centers, buildings that have become part of the fabric of a city have also become part of our body of work. Public conservators are encouraged to inquire about their projects; we will be glad to perform a discreet onsite consultation at their convenience.

Speak with our Historic Restoration Contractors Now

When you need historic restoration contractors to carefully, expertly handle a historic building project, look no further than Spectra Group. We will be happy to meet with your board members, stakeholders or key trustees during an onsite consultation. Please contact our California historic preservation office today at (800) 375-1771 if you have questions or are ready to schedule an appointment. If you like, feel free to fax any important documents to (800) 575-6862. Or, a historical restoration contractor from our team can be reached by email at info@spectracompany.com.

Historical Restoration Contractor & Consultants Service
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