Removing Graffiti from the Exterior of a Historical Home

While historical homes are a valuable component of our community’s culture, there are those who disrespect the history behind these structures. It is not uncommon for older, historical properties to encounter graffiti on their exterior walls – especially if they have sat vacant for a while. The graffiti on masonry is exceptionally difficult to remove, which is why you should contact a historical restoration contractor for assistance. You need to not only remove the degrading paint, but preserve the masonry at the same time. 

Identifying the Type of Graffiti

Not all graffiti is done with spray paint. While this is the preferred medium, others will use chalk, latex paint or even permanent markers. You need to first identify what type of paint or substance is used on the masonry before you attempt to remove it. 

Identify the Masonry

Next, you must identify the type of masonry on the building – this is where a historical restoration contractor is key. If the masonry is extremely porous, which is common in older homes, the paint may have seeped into the stone, which will require more extensive repair. Also, some masonry stones will react negatively to cleaning solvents and actually break down on contact. 

The Most Effective Methods for Removing Graffiti

There are a few methods most commonly used to remove graffiti from historic properties. These include: 

Before you attempt to remove graffiti, contact the historical restoration contractors at Spectra Company. We can properly test your stone to see what type it is and ensure the right cleaning method is used to maintain the integrity of the masonry material. Call us today for a free quote.
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