Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is the world’s largest outdoor amphitheater. It may be the official summer home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but it is famously known for hosting famous musicians, dancers, and entertainers throughout the year. The original Hollywood Bowl, which opened on July 11 in 1922, was a wooden platform with a canvas top, surrounded by moveable benches for the audience. It is almost unrecognizable as compared to the concrete amphitheater that exists today.

Allied Architects built the first shell of the theater in 1926. Since then, various architects including Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, Lloyd Wright, and Frank Gehry, have made improvements to the venue’s structure and acoustics. In 2004, after continued degradation of the shell’s acoustics, the architectural firm of Hodgetts and Fung designed a replacement shell incorporating the prominent front arch of the 1926 design, the wide layout of the 1928 shell, and the white finish of the 1929 design.  Today, the Hollywood Bowl seats nearly 18,000.

Spectra completed concrete restoration of the buttress, metal restoration, and tile restoration.

Scope of Work

Concrete Repair • Decorative Metal • Materials Restoration • Self-Perform • Tile

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