Historic Preservation Contractors & Consultants

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If your organization is in need of historic preservation services for a treasured building, think Spectra Company first. Our company has been named the West Coast’s #1 Specialty Contractor, thanks to our profound aptitude for restoring, renovating and repairing historic properties throughout California and Nevada.

Whether you are tasked with overseeing the restoration of a public or private building, we are a historic preservation specialty contractor that can handle numerous aspects of the project. Services provided include:

  • General contractor tasks
  • Masonry and brick work
  • Decorative painting techniques
  • Lathing and Plaster work
  • Roofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Ceramic tile
  • Mosaic tile

Historic Preservation Consultants: Expert Consulting Services

Sometimes, an organization would prefer to take advantage of consulting services before making a decision on a major restoration. Fortunately, Spectra Company provides historic preservation consulting as well. We employ experienced engineers, conservators and artisan conservationists who are highly respected in historic preservation experts their fields; they are fully qualified to research the history of your building and advise your group regarding the best course of action.

When appropriate, our experts consult the professionals who perform the work to inquire about the feasibility of specific requests. For instance, they can perform the research necessary to determine if a significantly weathered feature of a building should be restored or rebuilt, and to what degree. This is just one example of the thorough nature of our services.

Environmentally Sound Preservation Practices

Another advantage that Spectra Company offers is the commitment to environmentally safe practices. We understand that for historical societies, environmental responsibility is of paramount importance; for that reason, we utilize eco-friendly products that are as natural in composition as possible.

Additionally, we make the lowest impact possible on each historic building we are tasked with restoring. Unfortunately, not all historic restoration contractors can say this. For Spectra Company, it is a principle that is at the heart of the preservation concept: taking care of the building and its surroundings. In fact, we reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility in our motto: “The greenest building is the one that already exists.”

Our Memberships and Affiliations

Spectra Company is proud to be affiliated with some the most prestigious historical societies and industry associations locally, statewide, and nationally. These organizations include:

  • The California Preservation Foundation
  • The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles
  • Long Beach Heritage
  • Claremont Heritage
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • The Los Angeles Conservancy
  • The Association for Preservation Technology International
  • The Institute of Roofing, Waterproofing and Building Envelope Professionals

Whether you are in need of historic preservation consultants or are ready to hire a specialty contractor for your restoration project, contact Spectra Company to request an onsite consultation. We will send the best of our team to your site to evaluate your organization’s needs as it concerns the project, and discuss possible paths to restoration for the property.

We can be reached by phone at (800) 375-1771. If there are any documents you would like us to review prior to meeting, please fax them to (800) 575-6862. To correspond in writing, please email us at info@spectracompany.com. A representative from our team of historic restoration contractors will reply in a timely manner.

Historical Preservation Contractor & Consultants Service
The Greenest Building Is One That Already Exists