Glendale, CA

Historic art and artifacts are to be respected and cared for to retain their historic beauty. Often, in addition to paintings, some of the architectural elements of the building are incorporated with artistic decorative painting and murals. To minimize damage due to environmental issues and normal wear and tear, prevent future damage, and preserve these paintings and murals for posterity, a full evaluation is needed.  If required, paintings and murals are restored by expert conservators trained in the art of historic restoration.

Spectra Company’s in-house Decorative Painting and Mural Studio is home to talented artists, who bring master craftsmanship knowledge from around the world, and years of experience to their work. Architects, contractors and other clients rely on Spectra as a single source: from pre-construction condition assessments and treatment recommendations through restoration execution and ongoing upkeep. When needed, Spectra’s designers create new murals and decorative elements, and develop mock-ups to match the artistic style of the painting or mural. Spectra has been trusted to preserve historic paintings and murals in both national and sacred historic landmarks.


Mural Painting & Mural Replication

Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Inpainting Areas of Loss

Recreation from Severely Damaged Original

Protection of Artwork

Repairing Holes & Tears

Conservation Surface Cleaning

Configuration & Installation

Design & Mock-ups

Environmental Monitoring

Returning Murals to a Flat Plane

Mural Lining & Reinforcement

Mural relocation & storage

Removal of Yellowed or Darkened Varnish

Consolidation of Loose & Flaking Paint

Art Glass, Sculptures & Other Artwork


Gilded Finishes

Metallic Leaf

Aging and Color Wash


Faux Bois

Stone Finishes

Ornamental Details

Trompe L’Oeil

Decorative Painting/Murals Projects